The Productize Podcast

Weekly insights to help you launch, manage, or grow your productized service business.

The Productize Podcast was originally started by Brian Casel, but is currently hosted by me, James Sowers. I own Productize & Scale and operate a six figure podcast repurposing service called Castaway.

Each week, I share at least one insight from my experience or one interview with another owner of a productized service business. My goal is to equip you with all of the knowledge and resources you need to accelerate your growth.

Here are examples of the impact it's had on listeners:

"The Real Deal – Brian is The Godfather of productizing. If you run a service business, his podcast and content is a must. Changed the way I do business.”

Outstanding – Great podcast! Brian is always well prepared, a superior interviewer, getting right to the core questions, and providing tons of value.”

Mind = Blown – In a matter of weeks, Brian's approach completely reshaped how I think my service business. Love how deep he gets into the business models of his guests.”

If you have feedback about the show or suggestions for future topics/guests, use the form below to get in touch. Look forward to hearing from you!

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From Freelance Designer to Full-Time on Digital Products w/ Laura Elizabeth

We talk all about how to go from zero audience into raising your profile, speaking at conferences and growing your email list, which can enable you to launch and pre-sell products.

Building, Selling, and Acquiring Productized Service Businesses w/ Tyler Gillespie

In this interview I talk to Tyler Gillespie of Applause Lab and Proofreading Pros. Tyler walks through his journey as a founder of many productized services and how he approaches every business as if he is going sell them some day.

How Jason Resnick 10x’d Revenue in 6 Months by Productizing His WordPress Dev Service

If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll find tons of insightful nuggets from this case study with Jason Resnick. Jason set a goal of 10x revenue within a year and ended up hitting that milestone within 6 months by productizing.

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Share Your Ideas/Feedback

We're always looking for ways to make the show more valuable to listeners. If you have new ideas, feedback on our existing content, or suggestions for people we should interview, please share them here.

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