Can 1-to-1 Business Consulting be Productized? w/ Chris Ronzio

Can 1-to-1 Business Consulting be Productized? w/ Chris Ronzio
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What started as a coaching call with Chris turned out to be quite an interesting case study. Chris is a business consultant who helps companies “organize the chaos” and figure out what to prioritize in order to move forward and grow.

He’s been offering this 1-to-1 consulting service for years, but in his words, he decided it’s time to “think bigger”. So he launched Organized Chaos to grow his consulting service beyond himself.

In this coaching call / interview, you’ll learn:

  • How Chris landed 20 first clients for a $60k launch in month 1
  • Ideas for standardizing the way he consults with clients, so that eventually others can take his place.
  • Next steps for delegating the tedious writing and prep work with reports.
  • Identifying and focusing on the specific pain that leads clients to a service like this.

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